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Orlando dentist, Dr. Kyle Duffy is pleased to offer you and your family excellent, gentle dental care in a comfortable environment with cutting edge technology. We specialize in dental implants, dental anesthesia, and special needs dentistry yet have the expertise to improve and maintain your smile with general and cosmetic treatments.

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Rebuilding Smiles With Dental Implants

Dental implants offer the most natural look and feel of any restoration. Implanted for permanence, they include a dental crown that is designed to match the appearance of the surrounding teeth. Dental implants provide numerous benefits, including:

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Conquer Dental Fear With Sedation Dentistry

Sedation dentistry can help you to relax and get the healthy, brilliant smile you have always wanted. Our dentist offers numerous forms of sedation, including, IV sedation, oral sedation, nitrous oxide, and local anesthetic. Call our dentist in Orlando, FL to learn more about dental anesthesia if you suffer from the following:

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Special Needs Dentistry Makes It Easier for Everyone to Enjoy a Healthy Smile

When you need special consideration, because of physical or mental challenges, it can be difficult to get the care you need without compromising quality. Our dentist in Orlando, FL does more than simply accommodate special needs patients; he is dedicated to delivering compassionate, quality care suited to your unique needs. Our sedation options often provide an excellent alternative when specialized treatment is required.

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