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Enjoy the Confidence of a Permanent Restoration with Dental Implants

Do you feel embarrassed about missing teeth? Feeling insecure about your smile can change the way you feel about your appearance as well as the way you interact with others. With dental implants, we can rebuild your smile and your confidence. If you have missing teeth, schedule a consultation with Dr. Kyle Duffy. Our doctor offers computer guided implant surgery with dental implants in Orlando, FL, so that you can enjoy the following benefits:

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What Are Dental Implants

Dental implants are the gold standard in replacing missing teeth. Consisting only of three simple pieces, an implant is designed to replicate the function and appearance of your missing teeth. The titanium post is inserted into the bone, delivering a solid anchor for the connecting abutment and final dental crown. The crown is shaped and shaded to match the surrounding teeth. One individual implant will make an ideal replacement for a lost tooth. The implant post, over time, integrates with existing bone, becoming a lasting, durable restoration. They are meant to last a lifetime so it is important to have doctors experienced with advanced technology to ensure your success. Dr. Kyle Duffy uses 3D CAD/CAM software to carefully plan and place your implants in locations that will maximize bone density and avoid nerves and sinuses. Computer guided implant surgery offers unparalleled accuracy.

Am I A Candidate for Dental implants?

Stable Solutions and Tailored Comfort

When considering implant-supported dentures, you have two options: ball-retained and bar-retained systems. Ball-retained dentures utilize implants placed in the jawbone, with corresponding metal attachments on the denture that snap onto these implants, providing stability and support. This design allows for easy removal and cleaning. On the other hand, bar-retained dentures involve implants placed in the jawbone, connected by a thin metal bar that follows the curve of the jaw.

The denture then clips onto this bar, enhancing stability and reducing movement during speech or chewing. Both options offer significant advantages in terms of stability and functionality compared to traditional removable dentures, providing renewed confidence and comfort in your smile. Choosing between the two often depends on individual jaw structure, personal preferences, and our team’s recommendations.

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