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We treat smiles of all ages! Maintaining the health and attractiveness of your smile is our top priority so we offer a full complement of services to ensure that you get the care you need, from the dentists you trust. Schedule your consultation with family dentist in Orlando, FL, Dr. Kyle Duffy, to receive the following dental treatments:

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We Make First Visits a Positive Experience for Your Children

We Make First Visits a Positive Experience for Your Children
Children should visit a dentist when their first tooth appears or when they celebrate their first birthday. It is an important step in your child’s future oral health care as well as a chance for you to learn how you can protect your child’s smile. We strive to build positive relationships with dentistry for your child at every visit.

The Decision to Save or Extract a Tooth

Our goal is to preserve all of your teeth. Saving your teeth is not only good for your oral health; it protects your budget from costly procedures, too. We recommend root canals to save teeth whenever possible but there are cases in which extraction is the only option.

Removing a tooth that is hopeless can preserve the health of the surrounding teeth. Dr. Kyle Duffy may simply extract the tooth or remove it surgically. For your comfort, we offer sedation dentistry options, such dental anesthesia and IV sedation, and restoration options to replace the missing tooth.

Root canal therapy is a method of saving your tooth by removing the infected tissue in the canals, filling the canals to prevent against future infection, and protecting the remaining tooth structure with a dental crown. For the best results possible, Dr. Duffy utilizes dental lasers to sterilize your tooth, eliminating bacteria during your root canal.

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