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Rebuild Cracked Or Decayed Teeth With Dental Crowns In Orlando, FL

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Cosmetic Dentistry Can Improve The Appearance And Function Of Your Smile

Porcelain dental crowns and bridges are cosmetic dentistry techniques that can rebuild and restore your smile when decay, injury, or gum disease has caused irrevocable damage. While bridges are utilized for the replacement of teeth, crowns have a variety of uses. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Kyle Duffy to learn whether dental crowns can improve your smile by correcting the following:

Cosmetic dentistry crowns are also utilized in dental bridges, root canals, and dental implants to restore appearance and function.

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What Are Dental Crowns?

Dental crowns are one of the most popular methods of cosmetic dentistry. Because they improve both your ability to chew and the beauty of your smile while addressing numerous dental issues, they are an excellent restoration method after disease or decay. Crowns are durable, natural-looking caps that fit snugly over existing tooth surfaces. When you opt for dental crowns, Dr. Kyle Duffy will remove any decay from your tooth and reshape the tooth so that it can accommodate the crowns. Your full porcelain dental crowns will contain no metal and will be custom designed to match the surrounding teeth in color and shape. Dental crowns are then permanently bonded into place. The entire process takes roughly three weeks to complete.

Replacing Teeth With Dental Bridges

A dental bridge consists of several dental crowns combined. The center crown functions as your lost tooth while the surrounding crowns are bonded to the teeth on either side of the space. This cosmetic dentistry technique permanently anchors your bridge, giving you the ability to smile with confidence and the peace of mind to eat whatever you like.

We can transform your smile so that you can feel comfortable and confident again

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