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Cosmetic Dentistry Can Straighten And Brighten Your Teeth Quickly And Conveniently

A beautiful smile can make you feel more confident and attractive, changing the way you feel about yourself as well as the way others respond to you. Whether you have missing, broken, or crooked teeth, we have a cosmetic dentistry treatment that can offer you a rapid smile makeover. To learn how easy it is to transform the appearance of your teeth, schedule a consultation with Dr. Kyle Duffy for any of the following services:

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Veneers and Lumineers® for a Total Smile Makeover

Few cosmetic dentistry options offer extraordinary transformative power of veneers and Lumineers®. Veneers are a thin porcelain material that is designed to look just like your natural teeth. Formed into shells, they are individually bonded to the front of your tooth surfaces, changing the color, shape, and size of your teeth, if desired. Lumineers® are essentially the same as veneers but they are made to be slimmer, roughly .2mm, so that they may be bonded onto the teeth without requiring any adjustments or the removal of tooth enamel. This results in a beautiful, yet reversible smile makeover. Benefits of veneers and Lumineers® include:

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Crowns and Bridges Improve Structure and Enhance Appearance

Crowns are often referred to as caps because they cover your existing tooth structure. When a tooth is broken, chipped, or badly decayed, a crown is an ideal method of restoring function and appearance. Crowns can be designed to look just like the surrounding teeth and can be placed by Dr. Kyle Duffy in two to three visits.

Bridges, while made up of crown units, are used to completely replace a missing tooth. Three crown units are combined, with one serving as your missing tooth while the others are bonded to the surrounding teeth to give you a natural-looking, permanent restoration.

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