2 Essential Reasons for Treating Sleep Apnea

You cannot afford to ignore a sleep apnea diagnosis. Actions need to be taken so that you can eliminate health risks. This sleeping disorder can truly upend an individual’s life, and our dentists are here to assist anyone with sleep apnea in Orlando, FL.


Numerous risk factors can create or worsen your condition. For some individuals, this disorder is the result of genetics or issues within the brain, so these people will require a CPAP machine or oral device to get relief. However, many people can do a lot of good for their case of sleep apnea and for their overall health in general by making some key lifestyle changes. These can include:

• Reducing your intake of sedatives or alcohol
• Altering your sleeping position to lie on your back
• Eliminating tobacco
• Losing weight

Even losing just 10 pounds has been proven to be advantageous in terms of reducing the severity of sleep apnea symptoms.


You are bound to notice some of the more immediate effects of sleep apnea. Consistently snoring at night is a big one. Headaches, sore throat and dry mouth in the morning are also complications you will contend with right away. To a lot of people, these might not sound so bad. However, if you are constantly getting your breathing interrupted while you are trying to sleep, eventually you will have to deal with more significant health issues. High blood pressure is common. You will also be at an increased risk of having a stroke or heart attack. Do not put yourself at risk and seek treatment as soon as you notice problems.


You will feel a lot better once Dr. Kyle or Lawrence Duffy has diagnosed you and prescribed a treatment. If you feel as though you are a good candidate for a sleep test, then schedule an appointment by calling or emailing our office.


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