3 Ways That Laser Gum Surgery Is Different From Traditional Gum Surgery

Laser Gum Surgery

Thanks to advancement in laser dentistry laser gum surgery has emerged as the most beneficial way to remove diseased gum tissue while leaving healthy gum tissue intact. When it comes to gaining a better understanding of whether or not laser gum surgery is right for you it would be good to review three ways below that laser gum surgery differs from traditional gum surgery:

1. Laser Gum Surgery is Less Invasive
Dental lasers are precise in their approach and are used by trained dentist to directly target the diseased gum tissue while keeping the healthy gum tissue intact. Previously with traditional gum surgery it was more invasive because it required the gums to get cut into with a scalpel which would cause bleeding because of the scraping and removing of bacteria that needed to be done.

2. Laser Gum Surgery Does Not Require Heavy Anesthesia
Unlike with traditional gum surgery laser gum surgery does not require the use of any kind of heavy anesthesia because it’s minimally invasive. Also, with laser gum surgery there is no need for an incision or a need for stitches so only a local anesthetic is needed in for laser gum surgery.

3. Laser Gum Surgery Can Preserve More Healthy Tissue
Laser gum surgery can work to preserve more healthy tissue because it’s very precise and can remove the diseased tissue without affecting the surrounding healthy tissue. Also, with laser gum treatment it’s easier to identify where the disease gum tissue is in the patient’s mouth.

Laser Gum Surgery Consultation
If you are suffering from gum disease and are in need of laser gum surgery it would be very beneficial if you reached out to our office to schedule a consultation with our trained doctor.
This would allow you to have all of your surgery questions answered and your mouth examined.


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