Anxiety-Free Visits With IV Sedation Dentistry

You know that you need to get yourself and your family out to see the dentist twice a year, but what if you or another family member suffers from dental anxiety or a general fear of seeing the dentist? It can be more difficult to keep your appointments with such a hurdle in your way. That is one of the main reasons why Dr. Lawrence Duffy and Dr. Kyle Duffy at the Center for Dental Anesthesia offer IV sedation dentistry.

What Is IV Sedation Dentistry?

IV sedation dentistry is administered intravenously, or directly into the bloodstream using an IV. The professionals at our office can insert the IV before any procedure to quickly administer a sedative to help a patient relax and remain calm. This is a safe sedation option that helps many patients through a variety of procedures. Patients can remain awake during treatment but may not remember the procedure later.

What Other Types of Sedation Are Available?

In addition to IV sedation, Dr. Duffy also offers general anesthesia. This differs from IV sedation in that it is administered through a breathing mask and the patient is completely unconscious during treatment. General anesthesia is effective but may take longer to come out of before leaving the dental office, so patients will rest in a recovery room once their procedure is over. We have medical professionals on site to monitor patients who opt for general anesthesia.

Who May Benefit From Sedation?

IV sedation dentistry is a great option for anyone who suffers from severe dental anxiety. It is also beneficial for patients who are undergoing more extensive procedures. Special needs patients who may struggle to sit through a dental procedure may also greatly benefit from sedation.

How Can You Learn More?

If you feel you or one of your family members would benefit from sedation dentistry, we can help. Contact our practice in Orlando, FL to schedule a visit with Dr. Duffy and learn more about our sedation options today.


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