Calming Dental Anxieties

Anxiety regarding an upcoming appointment with your dentist or worry about the prospect of receiving a particular dental treatment is a common experience. Some patients require a little extra help relaxing during their appointment. Dr. Larry Duffy and the rest of our care team want to make obtaining the care you need as comfortable an experience as possible. This is why Dr. Duffy offers sedation dentistry to Orlando, FL patients who experience stress or anxiety during their care appointments.

A Better Experience for Patients

Patients who opt for sedation during dental care are able to relax into the experience instead of worrying. Appointments can go much quicker and depending on the level of sedation used, patients might remember very little of the experience. Perhaps most importantly, each patient is able to experience a more comfortable experience during care. This allows everyone we serve to access the care they need to maintain great dental health.

Levels of Sedation

We offer different sedation levels to accommodate a range of patient needs and care objectives:

  • Nitrous Oxide (N2O): This is an odorless gas delivered through breathing tubes. It creates a calm, contented feeling while allowing the patient to remain conscious during treatment. This sedation level is good for patients who have mild to moderate dental anxiety.
  • IV sedation: This is another form of conscious sedation; it is best for patients who have moderate to severe anxiety. This sedation method works quickly and is ideal for patients who have problems with local anesthesia.
  • General anesthesia: This level is for patients who require extensive dental work or who have pronounced fears regarding treatment. The patient is monitored throughout and is placed in our fully equipped recovery room once their treatment has concluded.

Sedation is one of the treatment options that can be discussed during new patient intake appointments. You can also discuss your concerns and your desired treatment outcomes with Dr. Duffy at any time.

Access Important Care Today

Do not let fear or anxiety keep you from accessing the dental care you need to enjoy total health. Make your appointment today by calling (407) 930-1570.


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