How Safe Is IV Sedation Dentistry?

how safe is sedation dentistry really

how safe is sedation dentistry really

Dental anxiety is very real although, the actual process of visiting a dental professional is not as scary as it is made out to be in television or movies. Luckily, Dr. Duffy and their amazing staff at Center for Dental Anesthesia conveniently offers IV sedation dentistry and other sedation options. This is to make sure you receive the service you deserve without the stress or fear. Learn about sedation dentistry with this short article we’ve provided below.

Methods Are Widely Used, Safe, and Effective

Sedation dentistry has been used for a long time stretching from across the globe. since the mid-1800s nitrous oxide has been used in the medical field for sedation, and IV sedation in a dental setting has been used since 1945. The use of IV sedation by a qualified sedation dentist is not only safe it’s also very effective, making the dental procedure more comfortable to get through and easier for the dentist to perform.

IV sedation always need to be administered by a professional with the right training and education. A sedation dentist must complete years of additional education to learn how to properly sedate a patient. If you are curious if your dental professional has received the proper training for administering IV sedation, then just ask. Your comfort is our goal!

Your Dentist Will Discuss Your Needs

IV sedation is typically reserved for more complex dental procedures or for patients who suffer from severe anxiety or sensitive gag reflexes. Your practitioner will work with you to determine what level of sedation is best for your needs and circumstances.

You should understand that you have options when it comes to sedation dentistry. IV sedation may not be the right choice for everyone. Each patient is unique, which means your sedation options should also be unique. If you think you would benefit from sedation dentistry, consult with Dr. Duffy to decide which method may be right for your visit or treatment.

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For more information on sedation dentistry, contact our office today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Lawrence Duffy. Our friendly and knowledgeable team at Center for Dental Anesthesia are here to answer any questions you might have about all things dental related. We are currently located in the Orlando, Florida area to better assist you with your oral healthcare.


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