Patients Benefit From Leading Denture Solutions

For generations, missing teeth have been remedied with sets of dentures. Though dentures continue to provide people with a functioning solution to lost teeth, there is now a valuable alternative to consider. Dr. Larry Duffy has provided dental implants in Orlando, FL to patients who have experienced tooth loss. Dental implants offer many important advantages to patients who are seeking alternatives to bridgework or traditional dentures. In fact, the All on 4™ system is especially beneficial.

How All on Four Works

All on Four is an implant system that supports dentures on finely crafted metal posts that are anchored in the patient’s mouth at strategic points. These posts connect securely to the denture, offering greater stability during speech and eating. The crown portion of the dentures is created to complement the appearance of the patient’s other teeth, so a more aesthetically pleasing result is achieved.

Patients Benefit From Implant Technology

The All on Four system brings together cutting edge dental technology with concern for the everyday experience of each person using these implements. Dental implants are designed to be highly stable, visually pleasing, and comfortable to use. All on Four offers patients many important benefits that should be considered. For instance:

·         Caring for implant supported dentures does not require expensive creams or cleansers
·         Dentures are strongly anchored so patients can enjoy their favorite foods and beverages without worry
·         Traditional dentures do not hold back the process of bone loss; All on Four can
·         Even patients who have experienced bone loss can receive All on Four denture implants
·         All on Four requires fewer follow up visits
·         Healing time associated with All on Four is faster compared to standard dental implants
·         Implant supported dentures are very dependable; patients do not have to worry about slipping during use

Discover Implant Supported Dentures for Yourself

Patients who wish to learn more about the All on Four system or about other dental implant solutions are encouraged to make an appointment for a consultation with Dr. Duffy. Please call our clinic at (407) 930-1570.


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