Toothy Grins Are In

Laughter is the best medicine, the saying goes, but if you are missing one or more teeth you may be intentionally skipping your daily dose. There is a natural-looking solution to get you back on track: dental implants in Orlando, FL. Dr. Lawrence Duffy and Dr. Kyle Duffy can help bring your smile back.


Tooth implants for Orlando, FL, patients are an excellent option because they function like your natural teeth.  The replacement contains a post which is surgically attached to the jawbone. Then, a crown is made to attach to a connector piece called an abutment. Because the new piece is firmly connected to the bone, there is no slipping when you are talking or chewing. The implant also helps to keep your jaw bone healthy, just as regular tooth roots do.


If you are missing a tooth but have an otherwise healthy mouth, you are most likely eligible for a dental implant. During a consultation, Dr. Duffy can determine if it would be appropriate for you. To qualify you should typically:

·         Have healthy gums
·         Have proper bone density to support it
·         Commit to good oral hygiene
·         Stop smoking (if you are a smoker)

You may not qualify if you have uncontrolled diabetes, alcoholism or cancer. Also if you have gum disease, it will likely need to be treated prior to the procedure being performed.


Getting a dental implant is a commitment. When the initial post is placed, it can take up to six months for the grafting site to heal. It can take another six months of healing before the crown is permanently placed. Your teeth endure a lot of pressure when you chew, so it is important for all the parts to be completely prepared in order for the implant to last.

Make an appointment today to talk with Dr. Duffy about the chance to have a beautiful smile. We can be reached at (407) 930-1570, or you may fill out our online form.


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