Special Needs Dentistry 101

Parents will readily attest to the fact that taking their kids to the dentist in Orlando, FL is an adventure in-and-of itself. Yet as the parent of a special needs child, your challenge may be even greater. The specialized care that your son or daughter requires typically cannot be accommodated in just any dental office. Finding a dental care provider that’s uniquely qualified to treat special needs patients may seem like a tall order. However, it does not have to be, provided you know what resources are available in your local area to assist with your search.

Who Needs It?

There are any number of reasons why a pediatric patient may require special accommodations when receiving dental care. These may include:

•Physical and cognitive deficits
•Asthma or other respiratory issues
•Severe anxiety

Often, these issues will require patients to undergo some level of sedation in order to allow providers to administer needed care. In some cases, standard IV sedation may be sufficient. In others, however, a patient may need to be administered general anesthesia. Only clinics equipped to administer anesthetic agents who employ or partner with anesthesiologists to monitor patients during procedures can provide this service. Such providers must also have recovery areas where patients and families can wait as the effects of the anesthesia wear off.

How and Where to Find a Provider

If you are in search of such a provider for your child, talk to your general dentist to see if he or she can refer you to a colleague. If you happen to live near a university that features a dental school, contact the school’s administrative department to inquire about special needs dentistry providers in the area. The same information may be obtained from your local public health department. As always, make sure that a provider participates with your dental insurance plan before agreeing to treatment.

As is the case in so many other areas of life, your child’s special needs require that his or her dental care be given with a delicate touch from a kind hand. You’ll find that with Drs. Larry and Kyle Duffy. Not only do both have extensive experience in dealing with special needs patients, our clinic is also customized to accommodate their unique needs. To see for yourself, just give us a call at 407.930.1570 to schedule a consultation appointment today.


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