What is a Composite Filling?

When it comes to dental fillings, knowing your terms is an important part of understanding the treatment options you have. Since there are many different types of filling options, make sure to talk to your dentist and determine the right filling style and material for you and your teeth.

Composite fillings are one popular filling option. They are composed of both plastic and glass materials that are shaded to your natural tooth color so as to blend right in. Composites are inserted into the mouth in a process that involves many layers and stages, though is quite simple. Dentists fit composites around teeth and reinforce each layer of them as they go.

Why Choose Composite Fillings?

A composite tooth is usually chosen either for cosmetic reasons or to rejuvenate a decayed or damaged tooth. Since composite teeth can be specialized to match your exact existing tooth color, they are very natural in appearance and can dramatically improve your smile. They are shaped to fit each tooth individually and are very customizable in size, shade and style.

When composite fillings are implanted, they adhere to the existing tooth very naturally, supporting it in order to prevent any further damage or decay. They can also serve as a protective layer between the existing tooth and any extreme temperatures in the mouth that might cause sensitivity, such as ice water or hot soup. Composite fillings are long-lasting and tend to wear gradually, especially when they cover small cavities.

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